Generate Traffic and Qualified Leads via Internet Marketing





Internet marketing that generates web traffic and qualified leads - Tapper Web Consulting Send Qualified Visitors to Your Site

Now that you've got a web site, how are you going to get people to see it?

Nice leads, but are they qualified??

Tell your relatives?

Uh...interesting marketing communications vehicle (?)

Put a sign in your office's restroom?

Good traffic-builder, especially if they're targeted to the right prospects and customers

Send out e-mails?

Excellent marketing tool!

Put it on your business cards?


Hope and pray for the best?

Don't do anything until you talk with Sandy Tapper!

Get the advice of a very creative marketing professional?

As you might imagine, generating traffic to your site is a marketing discipline unto itself.

There are lots of free or inexpensive ways to spread the word about your web site.  The first step is simple: be sure your web site address is clearly displayed in all of your marketing and sales promotion materials, advertisements, business cards and stationery.

Tapper Web Consulting & Marketing logo  At Tapper Web Consulting & Marketing, our strategic and marketing communications approaches can help you maximize an effective Internet marketing program.  Search engine listings, domain name development and registration, banner ads, and newsgroups represent only a small part of our arsenal of web marketing tools.

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