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Okay, so you want to have a web site.

You've made it this far, now ask yourself these questions:

Why do I really want a web site?
What's it going to look like?
How creative or "fancy-schmancy" should it be?

Answering these questions play a critical role in the final web site design and development.

Why do I want a web site?
This is where sound strategic and marketing planning comes in. When you identify the true mission and purpose of your site, especially as it relates to all other aspects of your business, you're on your way to success.

Get to the point quickly! Keep in mind that those who visit your site will not spend much time browsing through your site trying to figure out what you're saying.

A few other points to consider:  

Attract your best customers and prospects Whether for business or personal reasons, your site needs to be of interest to others.  Otherwise, your visitors won't stay long and they won't come back!
Integrate your web site with all other marketing activities Think about how your site will complement all other marketing, sales and advertising programs once it's online.
Avoid hype! Be sure that what you promise about your site at least meets, if not exceeds, your visitors' expectations. Don't promise anything you can't deliver!


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What should it look like?
That's the wonderment and excitement of the Web: there are so many ways to design and convey ideas. 

Think about the image you want to portray.  Also think about the tone of the copy: should it be straightforward, whimsical, business formal, or sarcastic, to name a few?   Just be sure there's one image, tone and look throughout the entire site, so your visitors will get to "know" you.

Also important is ease of navigation: how easy is it for your visitors to move from one page to the next, or get back to the home page?

To see how we addressed these issues for other clients, take a look at our client portfolio.

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How Creative Should It Be?
Don't succumb to the great temptation of adding lots of fancy fonts, graphics, animation and sound to your site -- not only will they slow downloading time, they may make your visitors cross-eyed! Don't include too many graphics per page

Always bear in mind that content is of utmost importance, followed by the look and tone of the site.

There are several common sense do's and don'ts about web design that should be followed.

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Once your site is online, it's time to get people to visit your site or, in marketing terminology, generate traffic.

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