Additional Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Services






Sandy Tapper also offers other marketing and advertising services, in addition to web consulting. Customized Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Programs

Sandy Tapper, owner of Tapper Web Consulting & Marketing, is also available for a variety of additional customized marketing, advertising and promotional services.  If you're looking for a smart marketing expert, ingenious web consultant and/or a dynamic speaker, please e-mail Sandy for more information.



Sandy Tapper: Articulate, entertaining marketing expert who can speak on many marketing and Internet topics

Guest Speaker or Lecturer on a variety of marketing and web topics

Sandy Tapper can help your organization understand the value of marketing

Marketing Workshop developer to help your and your staff understand the power of sales, marketing and communications in today's highly-competitive business environment

Sandy Tapper is a published author of amrketing and Internet articles. Write articles for your publication, e-zine, business, web site or other medium. Click here for current articles of interest.

Marketing and Advertising Consulting

Access our services at your convenience

Marketing Consulting is available by phone, e-mail, instant chat, in-person visit, etc.

Let Tapper Web Consulting help you get the most from your creative shops! Marketing Interface between you and your creative provider.  If your creative shop isn't living up to expectations, perhaps you need an me.

Tapper Web Consulting welcomes professional alliances

Marketing Consultant/Client Liaison for Web Designers, Webmasters, Advertising Agencies and free-lancers.  If you need a "go-between" to communicate with clients and vendors, call me...I speak the language!

Strategic Alliances that cost-effectively increase marketing synergies

Strategic Alliance Opportunities for value-added marketing partnerships and links

Web Services

Domain Name development and registration

Domain Name development and registration. Your domain name should be memorable and, if possible, be the same name as your business.

Web hosting made easy

Web Hosting to help you get your site up and running on the Internet

Increase web traffic through powerful search engine listings

Search Engine Listings that let your prospects find your site easily

Let us do the in-depth search of the Internet for the information and resources you need! Internet Searches for the information you need.  Don't have the time or inclination to search the Internet on a particular topic? Then let us do it for you! All search topics welcomed, even if they're not related to marketing, advertising or the Internet!


Strategic Planning

Marketing Plans that set the stage for business success

Develop a marketing plan

Need a marketing 'gunslinger for hire'?  All projects invited.

Acquire marketing consulting services

Increase sales force productivity

Help your sales force be more productive

Introduce new products and line extensions

Launch a new product or line extension


Marketing Communications & Advertising

Compelling communications and targeted media plans

Use compelling yet creative advertising messages in a variety of media vehicles to target your key customers and prospects

Direct Mail planning and execution that generate responses

Coordinate a direct mail campaign

PR, Sponsorships, Co-op Advertising and more to broaden your marketing reach

Promote your company via alternative media, such as public relations, sponsorships, co-op advertising, etc.


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